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Single-Point Lubricator

The GREASOMATIC is a self-contained programmable lubricator built to meet the requirements of the industrial maintenance professional.

  • Efficient and reliable lubrication at less cost
  • Ease of use - 7 dial settings - eject 120cc's of lubricant over 1 to 12 months
  • Continuous lubrication lowers maintenance costs, prevents equipment failures and downtime
  • Precise lubricant delivery takes the "guesswork" out of bearing maintenance
  • Quality - Time-proven design, constructed to rigorous standards at a value price

Compare the features and benefits of Greasomatic with your current automatic lubricator.

You'll be impressed with how deficiencies in your current system have been overcome.

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Dependable, versatile and uncomplicated; the GREASOMATIC single-point lubricator is a proven problem-solver. Built to perform in a wide variety of applications.

  • Lubricate bearings, chain-drives, gears, etc.
  • Prevent costly downtime with continuous lubrication
  • Durable, tamperproof, cost-effective

This self-contained lubricator is powered by a simple chemical reaction. Upon activation, the combination of galvin and electrolyte creates a steady release of hydrogen gas which powers the piston to discharge the grease or oil of your choosing.

Each unit is hermetically sealed. A translucent window in the body allows monitoring of the lubricant level eliminating potential waste.

With no batteries, electronics or wiring necessary, the GREASOMATIC is easily programmed with the turn of a dial. Delivers 120cc's of lubricant in a controlled, continuous flow over a pre-selected period. Simply select one of the 7 settings available - from one to twelve months - based on need and operating temperature.

An economical solution to many of your lubrication needs, the GREASOMATIC can be effectively used in remote, difficult to reach, and harsh environments.

Greasomati Dial
  • Built to withstand vibrations, moisture and temperature extremes
  • May be mounted remotely for ease of access
  • Simply dispose empty lubricators with normal trash

Contact us to learn more about the easy-to-use, effective GREASOMATIC lubricator.

What are the differences between the Greasomatic and the disposable self-contained single-point lubricator you're now using?

In Summary - Here are the possibilities

Cost - You will probably find a significant cost advantage in using the Greasomatic over the disposable lubricator you're now utilizing. Depending on your current costs this could be in the area of a 15 to 20% cost reduction.

Simply dial the time setting to select the rate of lubricant ejection and unit life. No more activating screws to buy (and lose). No more special wrenches to fiddle with and misplace.

Tamperproof - Once you have selected the desired discharge rate on the selector dial and activated the lubricator its output setting cannot be change by the casual passer-by.

A visual indicator lets you know, at any time, the volume of lubricant remaining in the unit. How many half-empty lubricators have you thrown away because you weren't certain if they contained lubricant?

Blocked lines or fittings - With your current lubricator do you know if grease is actually being ejected into the bearing or is the lubricator simply building pressure which will discharge the lubricant in a pile when you do a scheduled change-out? Greasomatic has a unique pressure relief valve that provides a visual indication that a blockage is preventing lubricant from flowing to the bearing. This permits correction of the problem before damage to your machinery occurs.

Safety - Electrical and thermal energy is not present in the Greasomatic system. Its power is derived from a chemical reaction.

Rust and corrosion proof construction, eliminates this common problem, even in the harshest environments. This is an extremely important feature in the Food Processing Industry. Also, in Water and Waste Water Treatment facilities and chemical plants with corrosive atmospheres.

Robust dent-resistant hard plastic case eliminates concerns of slight bumps to the metal lubricator which might dent the cylinder, resulting in restricted movement of the piston

Disposal - No disposal issues with spent lubricators due to batteries or harmful chemicals contained in the lubricator.

Labeling that clearly identifies the lubricant contained in the units so that at change-out time there will be no possibility of mixing lubricants. Mixing incompatible lubricants can create undesirable consequences. The label also provides clear reference to your source for obtaining a replacement supply of product.

Housing Design Plastic Body and Thread
Dimensions 2.9"x4.7" (74mm x 120mm)
Capacity 120cc (4oz)
Drive Electrochemical
Electrolyte Liquid Mildly Acidic Organic Acid
Temperature Range 32°F to 140°F (0°C to 140°C)
Max Pressure Build-Up 73 psi (5 bar)
Installation Thread 1/4 BSPT (Adapters Available)
Discharge Period 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 or 12 months
Compatible Lubricants Oil and Greases (to NLGI #2)
Greaseomatic Technical Specifications Image

For additional Greasomatic installation and technical specifications, please visit the Support page.